Something was wrote in 2019 part 1

Alex Nguyen2019-04-28self-writingself-writing

Ok hello I don’t know this is bug or feature of Facebook xD. I writing this post by 2 language, one for Vietnamese and one for English, default is Vietnamese. I just wrote little word in Vietnamese like “Chapter 0” and in English is all about this post you reading!. So if you reading in PC, you can choose any language for reading but in smartphone, just one, that is language you used!! So, target person who need to read this post, can’t read this content in English if they use Vietnamese interface. Some sad but it’s ok ^^. Next, about this series. I writing this series just for learning English, really!! Trust me 😄. So any comment, advice, fix syntax/tense, and anything…. please write below^^. Let’s continue. This paragraph for introduce about me. So, im male, 18y4m until write this post, crazy lazy mad boy, ..(word just fly out mine mind, :sad:, trying search 80 adj genitive 😄 😄) between extroverted and introverted like my teacher english say^^. In mine mind, i want to add “Modal verb” in this post for remember my lesson but impossible, i very lazyyy. One more, when i watched TV series name: “Về nhà đi con”, i want write summary of content film each episode. Hmm, maybe i will write this in next post(one more promise i not do in future :sad: ). Finally, thank for read all crazy this post 😡#$%. i used tense in this post wrong, wrong syntax, … etc im so happy if anyone can tell me that for me. ^^. i want to write more more moreeee, cryy..cry,... Thank you again ^^. Have a nice day.

---- my neck get tired, because i write this post in my TV. :cryy: ---- See you in next post.

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