Something was wrote in 2019 part 2

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Chapter 1.

Hello guy.

When you lose something, something significant or something not worth or something else. Just forget that,, dont bored, disappointed, any cross. Let's skip any bad feeling, it leave for other thing come to you. Open your heart, best wishes will come for you. Make it as a memory in your head!

I didn't get any notice from Facebook, but no, i got notice in Gmail. Thank for that, maybe i lost that from you. ^^. If you read this post, don't reply, just read that! Okey? . Below is the post i was translate to English, i think it really bad. haha

“After a long time, i understood. You are, who i lose,who i spent a lot of in mine mind, no one can replace place of you in me. After all, everything will get back to normal as it will be. You make me far from you, you quite with me. Can you comeback with me!. Bloom of youth, i wrong, i wrong again until i realized that, i lose you. I can’t get it come again, forever. You alway behind me but i still forget that, i forget you. I lose my mind to run after amourette. I still believe that you still there, still follow me, but no. I continue walk on my life, i receive everything come as my happy event. But after all of that, after good thing come, bad thing come, madly in love, i lose myself. All good thing must come to an end. Until now, no more friend be a guy i can share my mind, noone. I blamed one guy cause you leave, but that guy is me. Everyone just come once, no way get they come again if you choose wrong, is right? You don’t want to talk with me, maybe never think about that, maybe forever. Maybe you don’t remember who am I. Maybe you want erase all about me in your mind. and more, more.. [...]. I still use name you named for me, I can’t understand myself. I still love all of that.”

Reply: “i hope we can read this in the future, after 1 year, 5 year or more. Just give little place in mind for our friendship. All the best to you!”

Finnal, have a nice day. Anything you want to say to improve my English, please comment below. Thank you!

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