Something was wrote in 2019 part 3

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Chapter 2.

Ok! Hello guy.

As i said, ‘i'm crazy 😆. So, i will try to keep one post per day or more. Hmm, maybe good point to start. I don't know what will come tomorrow, just think about now, today.

Below is some content of Avengers: Endgame. It will spoil, don't read this if you want good feeling when you watching movie. Ah, this post i just translate from Vietnamese word by word. I think it very bad, a lot of wrong, point maybe 3/10 😅😅. In next post, i will read subtitle, read about film in wikipedia, news,... to collect good word for accord with meaning. Okey, here we go!!.

Avengers: Endgame movies recapitulate 11 year work of Marvel Studio and is a goodbye sincere to all important figure MCU, it also leave big question of content phase 4 and later. Movie start by all Avengers realize that their failure can't prevent and can't be change by anyway. Film change scene to 5 year later by timeskip. All super hero alive still find way with hopeless. When Ant-Man return to present after 5 hour in quantum world, he reveal to Tony Stack about way to time travel, all hero have hope in that. This way is return to the past, then stolen infinity stone from past to revert anyone was eliminant by Thanos. This event to complicated when memory of Nebula alert Thanos 2014 that his plant will be defeat and they will prepare for the end of war. Avenger team collected all infinity stone:”Power stone, Space stone, Mind stone, Reality stone, Soul stone and Time stone”. After some discuss about who will wear glove with 6 infinity stone, Bruce Baner will wear that to make alive again all people was eliminated by Thanos. It's work. Right then, Avengers be attached by Thanos 2014 - Thanos time travel to his future, present of Avenger with help from Nebula 2014. All member of Avengers team start fight with Thanos. But they failure again. When almost hope extinguish, battle have evolue. Doctor Strange and other Wizard move all fighter from Wakada, Asgardians, all super hero was eliminated by Thanos come here to participate battle. All of them remember that they was eliminated but don't remember what happened in 5 year next. Although have all force, battle still not easy for Avengers. Thanos very strength. Captain Marvel attack Thanos, she can't, Thanos used Power stone to dislodge Captain Marvel. Iron Man take all infinity stone from Thanos when he pull about Thanos. Before Iron Man snap his fingers, he said:” I am Iron Man”. All army of Thanos was eliminated ever Thanos. Iron Man only alive in some minute before sacrifice. The battle end. Funeral of Tony Stack was hell in his private home. All person important with Tony came here to see out off Tony Stark.

I spent a lot of time to write this, but it is not like mine mind. Haha. It just have a half of A4. Anything can help me improve English, please comment below. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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